Monday, February 21, 2011

RightLang - A Thai/English Keyboard Layout Mismatch Error Detection and Correction Utility

Keyboard layout mismatch error is one of common typing errors found in typists who have more than one keyboard layout installed. For instance, the word correct becomes แนพพำแะ when typed with Thai keyboard layout selected. The error occurs more often when a user switches back and forth among application programs and enters texts. This is because each program typically activates its previously used keyboard layout state which is not the same layout the user thinks it should be. Unlike mistyping, this kind of error leads to more typing errors as the typist continues to type with another language in mind, especially when using “hunt and peck” method. Skilled touch typists may have less concern on this problem because they can notice the error in the first few characters and retype them immediately. In any case, keyboard layout mismatch error can slow down typing speed and may be annoying for the typists.

RightLang is a utility program which can be run on any Microsoft Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above installed. It supports English QWERTY and Thai (Kedmanee) keyboard layouts. The program monitors what the user is typing and decides whether an error caused by keyboard layout mismatch has occurred and automatically correct the error (if any). RightLang supports typing speed of over 100 words per minutes, up to 200 words per minutes on average, and works only when necessary without system interruption.

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